Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lille 2015-16 season away from home nike nfl jersey china

     UMBRO and French club Lille on May 31, officially announced the team for the 2015-16 season new subject field of cheap nike nfl jerseys, the club will in next season's move into new Lille stadium, the team in just at the end of the season, the French League ranked in third place, a participant in the Champions League next season league qualifying places. Last century 40 to 50 years of Lille as brilliant record called "war machine", during this period the team won two Ligue 1 titles, five times won the French Cup is at that time France Football's most powerful club. Today, 60 years later, Lille comeback, they not only in the 2014-15 season won the Ligue 1 and the French Cup double winners, club building is also effective. UMBRO for Lille design of New Jersey through the shoulder area of color to highlight "Lille spirit", this is what the club was established at the beginning of the jerseys style, home red jerseys shoulder is large and deep blue; white away jerseys on the shoulder is large area red. In Lille new stadium, wearing a new shirt so elegant temperament is appropriate. New cheap nfl nike jerseys chest badge position is before the club has just launched a new logo, new logo combines the classic symbol of the club in the past, the different periods in the history of the symbols were cleverly re combination, new badge to Lille brought respectable big club temperament.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

NFL to open the new season defending champion unpopular defeat experts left

    The cheap nike nfl jerseys china season increased Thursday night matches, in the eastern hemisphere fans are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries, because we can see in the daytime game live, you know ESPN is a game a week broadcast rights to an average of $300000000 a year or more; global brands to provide NFL jerseys, more fashionable and functional better, perhaps in the near future genuine NFL jerseys will put on our shelves; information equipment replacement sponsor from Chinese brands, "made in China" for the United States of America's top sports power, slowly together with NFL become synonymous with high end.
      In addition to actively change the other side of the ocean, the NFL branch of the Chinese is for the fans offer many benefits, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou three big garden experience activities, NFL super star in China, every week 5 field multi platform broadcast live, micro-blog interaction can obtain the NFL all star game tickets and Hawaii play special award, involving nearly 100 the University's "University bowl" championship, as well as the popular American fantasy game prize contest and exhibition, whether it is playing, watching the ball, the ball or want to try your luck talk, can find their own paradise in the NFL sky, love sports, football is different, NFL gives you beat all the wonderful. from discount sneakers shoes

The NFL team as James rushed cheap nike nfl jerseys china

        The day before yesterday micro-blog overtures by NFL James was a player on the market xiangbobo. Only a day later, NFL Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol responded, he not only invited to join the "little emperor", James also made a number 1 shirt. Has the sincerity of Carol in micro-blog said "Hello, James" s discourse. Although the word is not much, but enough to see that the NFL coach of James's sincerity. In the NBA lockout, when labor negotiations still be in suspense, see the sincerity of the wholesale nfl jerseys NFL team, do not know whether James will be heartbeat?
        Owners and players win flush with shame for their own interests, completely disregard the situation in general practice also broke the NBA fans. Recently, there is a public opinion poll, the lockout period, only 5% of the United States of America fans miss NBA.
        In this survey, site lists 4 answers for fans to choose. At present already from across the country nearly 7000 fans gave the answer. There are 5% fans will now miss NBA and the current labor disputes puzzled. There are 5% fans believe that NBA will soon start. In the third options, 19% fans call, only to wait until next year at the end of 1 or early 2 the United States Football League finals (Super Bowl) after the end, they will think of NBA. But most of the fans chose the last item, 71% fans think they don't care about NBA, because their life is not the lack of sports. from discount sneakers shoes